Last Summer, I went on a trip to Dominica - the Island of my Grandfather. My father had spent much of his adolescence there and I had actually spent a year there as a child before we returned to London.

I hadn't visited for 20 years and my Dad now actually resides there, along with both my Grandparents. It was a strange and beautiful trip for me - the Island is small - just over 70,000 population, and lives up to it's name of 'Nature Island of the Caribbean' with plenty of rainforests, beaches, rivers and hidden waterfalls to explore as well as hot water springs and even an active volcano! It really felt like a homecoming of sorts and there was an ease and and innate familiarity for me with people and places alike.

A month or so after I left, Dominica was struck by Hurricane Maria - one of the worst hurricanes it has experienced in years. 90% of the Island's homes losing their roofs - many people still have no electricity or running water in their homes today - 6 months on.

Dominica doesn't get anything like the same coverage as larger Islands that were affected, such a Puerto Rico - in fact, many people don't even know Dominica exists, often mistaking it for the Dominican Republic (it's not).

Dominica is a wonderful and resilient nation, full of some of the warmest and friendliest people you could ever wish to meet - they are slowly but surely piecing their island back together.

If you wish to contribute to the recovery fund you can do so HERE

Here is a selection of photos I took during that trip...