Salah Tee

Just a T-Shirt concept I'm playing around with featuring everyone's favourite Egyptian...

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line

*UPDATE, So the Salah Tee has had to be put on hold while I wait to hear back from LFC as to whether the design infringes on copyright, but not one to be deterred, I created a simple, minimalist 'Walk On' design as my own little contribution to the LFC cause :)

**UPDATE, Heard back from LFC and was informed that the Salah Tee does not infringe on the club's copyright! - If I did make these available for purchase and somehow a decent number of them were sold, I would donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign or a recommended charity to do with JFT96 - if anyone has any recommendations drop me a line or comment here - thanks!