Salah Tee

Just a T-Shirt concept I'm playing around with featuring everyone's favourite Egyptian...

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line

*UPDATE, So the Salah Tee has had to be put on hold while I wait to hear back from LFC as to whether the design infringes on copyright, but not one to be deterred, I created a simple, minimalist 'Walk On' design as my own little contribution to the LFC cause :)

**UPDATE, Heard back from LFC and was informed that the Salah Tee does not infringe on the club's copyright! - If I did make these available for purchase and somehow a decent number of them were sold, I would donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign or a recommended charity to do with JFT96 - if anyone has any recommendations drop me a line or comment here - thanks!



Last Summer, I went on a trip to Dominica - the Island of my Grandfather. My father had spent much of his adolescence there and I had actually spent a year there as a child before we returned to London.

I hadn't visited for 20 years and my Dad now actually resides there, along with both my Grandparents. It was a strange and beautiful trip for me - the Island is small - just over 70,000 population, and lives up to it's name of 'Nature Island of the Caribbean' with plenty of rainforests, beaches, rivers and hidden waterfalls to explore as well as hot water springs and even an active volcano! It really felt like a homecoming of sorts and there was an ease and and innate familiarity for me with people and places alike.

A month or so after I left, Dominica was struck by Hurricane Maria - one of the worst hurricanes it has experienced in years. 90% of the Island's homes losing their roofs - many people still have no electricity or running water in their homes today - 6 months on.

Dominica doesn't get anything like the same coverage as larger Islands that were affected, such a Puerto Rico - in fact, many people don't even know Dominica exists, often mistaking it for the Dominican Republic (it's not).

Dominica is a wonderful and resilient nation, full of some of the warmest and friendliest people you could ever wish to meet - they are slowly but surely piecing their island back together.

If you wish to contribute to the recovery fund you can do so HERE

Here is a selection of photos I took during that trip...


I actually came across this project a few years ago but was recently reminded of it. In 1973 Architect Ricardo Bofill came across an abandoned Cement Factory on the outskirts of Barcelona and, over the next 40 plus years set about converting it into a magical constantly evolving home. It's like an episode of Grand Designs (a show you should watch if you haven't heard of it) on steroids!

Check out this short Nowness documentary on him and his amazing home - you can click on the image to see more photos of this stunning conversion...

John Kenny

I first came across John Kenny's photographs of African tribespeople a little while back but had no idea who they were by. I recently saw them again and decided to read up on him. He had no formal photographic training but within 3 years of picking up an SLR was wandering through African villages taking these types of really beautiful, striking images.

Click the image to go to his site and check out more of his work.


Here's a nice little quote about Ability which applies to a lot of Graphic Designers and why we charge more for our work than people sometimes think should be the case. Even though the end product might be simple, the process getting there is probably a lot more complex than you ever imagined.

Click on the image to read some more design quotes.

DIY Wine Crate Inspiration

So more DIY inspiration here. Wine crates lend themselves to a variety of different uses - plus they just have a nice aesthetic. If you go to a local wine store and ask them if they having any floating around the back you should be able to get your hands on some because they only throw them out anyway.

Check out these creative ideas for making something out of them.

Liverpool FC 2013-14

Ok so I'm a football fan (soccer to you Americans).

Specifically, a Liverpool FC fan.

Last year, Warrior started making our kits. The general consensus among fans was that they had some hit and miss moments with their first offering (hit being this year's home kit, the miss being both the away and third kit) although, personally I didn't think any of them were that bad.

However, it seems all but confirmed that THESE will be the kits for the 2013-14 season. I really don't get why it would be so hard to make a clean, classic set of kits. I don't know why Warrior don't just get rid of the text on their logo and simply work with the graphic for starters and while the home kit would be great if it didn't have the random white elements on it, the away and third kits, while kind of retro cool, look like thrift shop hipster purchases rather than football kits. So, me being me, I decided to design my own alternative kits here - not bad right?

Click on the image for a larger view.



Ok, so I've modified the designs somewhat as some people were saying they were too simple. The below designs are in keeping with Warrior's more unique, 'tribal' style, but in a more sophisticated manner. Let me know what you think...

Abandoned America

I recently came across this image of an old abandoned Philadelphia church. I thought it was pretty beautiful and was sad to find out that it was demolished a couple of years ago. is a site that visits anything from old churches to schools, asylums to power plants, taking beautiful snapshots of these spaces that still have the residual elements of the lives that used to inhabit them. Click HERE for more of this gallery.

She Was So Beautiful...

I came across this the other day in a comment on Youtube in fact, Youth - Daughter was the song (It's beautiful, check it out).

Here's the full quote:

"I've met an awesome girl not long ago. Sadly we had to part ways with her, with only two hours or so of talking. She was so beautiful that I couldn't hear anything she was saying, literally. She showed me this song, and I fell in love with both her and the song.

Unfortunately I was so mesmerized by her loveliness that I didn't quite catch the name of the song.

Today I've found the song.

I'm still looking for the girl."

Cute right? Anyway - I made this in honour of impulsive love and stuff while practicing some overlay techniques.

Make A Friend

I love meeting people, in whichever strange or random way our paths may cross, I think we are naturally meant to interact with and be open to the idea of as many different individuals as we possibly can in our lifetime. We're all interconnected, and the universe's energy flows through each of us.

Anyway, I like the idea behind this video - so simple, but it works. Click the image or click HERE to watch it.

DIY Garment Rack

So I've been thinking about making more things around the apartment - I was looking around the internet (as you do) for some inspiration and came across this  DIY clothing rack - it's pretty sweet, I'm going to have to try it myself sometime in the near future, click on the image to link to the article.